The Executive Office is a faction created by and under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors appoints a Chief Executive Officer, who is responsible for hiring an executive management team to administer the day to day affairs of the GSS.

Often this appointee elects to appoint itself as President simultaneously. Equally, the Board of Directors is frequently delegated the task of appointing other members of the Executive Office, however the process has more frequently been submitted to members in a general election of the executive management team.

Andrew Ward

Education: Ph.D. in nursing

Background: Executive business working in government, consulting, and health care the reason Andrew took on the role as president for GSS is he desired earnestly to serve the student body and to ensure that there is a voice within the administration and the faculty representing student needs.



VP Academic Affairs
Brahmjot Singh

Education: Masters in Environmental Engineering

Background: With a deep-rooted passion for academic excellence and a strong desire to advocate for student rights, Brahmjot joined the Graduate Student Society (GSS) to make a meaningful impact on the academic experience of fellow graduate students and create opportunities for students to excel.

VP University Affairs
Harbal Deep Sidhu

Education: Master of Mechanical engineering

Background: Sidhu believes in doing everything with hard work and dedication. He joined GSS because he wants to make a positive change in the lives of the students on campus. He wants to ensure that GSS serves its purpose as the official representative organization of all graduate students at the University of Windsor.


VP Finance
Amangel Bhullar

Education: Ph.D. in Computer Scienc

Background: bhullar actively seeks opportunities to advocate for policies that promote inclusivity, diversity, and equity within the University of Windsor and the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario(CFS-ON). She works closely with other student representatives from different departments at the University of Windsor, the Graduate Student Society(GSS) and the Canadian Federation of Students(CFS) to amplify student concerns and collaborate on initiatives that address their needs.

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