Board of Directors

The Board is the legal faction required by applicable governing laws, which is formed of elected representatives of the membership base to direct the direction, strategy and activities of the Corporation. As such, the Board has representatives from all graduate studies faculties, as well as representatives of the executive office and critical functional or partners needed to achieve the GSS mandate.

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Ami Shahu

Women's Student Liaison

In my role, I approach the challenges faced by women in academia with a gentle yet determined mindset. Rooted in my academic field as a MEng student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, I'm dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and supportive atmosphere where every woman can feel empowered on their academic journey. I firmly believe in the power of understanding and collective progress, striving to shape a truly inclusive academic experience at the University of Windsor.

Andres Curbelo-Novoa


Hi everyone! My name is Andres Curbelo-Novoa and I am the Faculty of Nursing board member. I am in the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program within the Faculty of Nursing. Representing my nursing faculty and students at large comes naturally, having served for several years within the University of Windsor Students' Alliance Board of Directors.

Abdullah Al Rahi

Industrial Engineering

My name is Abdullah Al Rahi and I am the Industrial Engineering departmental representative. I firmly believe that education should be accessible to all. With this motto I aspire to bring the much needed changes in the lives of fellow students. The GSS is a group that empowers me to be the voice of my department. I want to ensure the rights and the benefits are provided to all the students through this role in the GSS.

Brooke Lamb

Master of Business Administration

My name is Brooke Lamb and I am the MBA representative. I completed my undergrad in Business and Mathematics with a specialization in finance. I was interested in joining GSS because I like to be involved in extracurricular activities at the University of Windsor. As the MBA representative to ensure my peers have their voices and needs are heard and met. I have a passion for advocating for others, so I was interested in joining GSS to get more experience and network with other like minded individuals.

Dishant Hareshbhai Trapasiya

Mechanical Engineering

Hello! I'm Dishant Hareshbhai Trapasiya, and I am the departmental representative for Mechanical Engineering. I am currently pursuing my Master's in Mechanical Engineering (MEng). I joined GSS to contribute to the academic progress of my fellow university students. I am committed to creating opportunities that improve the chances of students securing employment in their respective fields after graduation. Furthermore, I aim to provide additional resources that empower students and cultivate an environment that fosters personal and professional growth. Let's embark on a journey of academic excellence and empowerment together within our University community.

Karan Vishavjit

Accessibility and Equity Liaison

My name is Karan Vishavjit and I am the Accessibility and Equity Liaison representative. I joined the Graduate Student Society with the goal of advocating for accessibility, equity, and inclusion within the graduate student community. My passion for creating positive organizational climates and fostering progressive change aligns with the GSS’ mission.

Lauren Perkins

Human Kinetics

My name is Lauren Perkins and I am the HK departmental representative. I joined GSS to get more involved in the graduate community at the University of Windsor both in my department as well as across campus.

Milad Moradi Heydarloo

Research and Innovation Liaison

My name is Milad Moradi Heydarloo and I am the Research and Innovation Liaison. I am currently studying my Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. With over eight years of expertise in artificial intelligence, I have actively contributed to interdisciplinary research across various domains, such as biomedical diagnosis, automotive technology, and thermal power plants. My decision to assume the role of Research and Innovation Liaison for the Graduate Student Society (GSS) stems from a sincere desire to bridge the gap between students and university administrators. My primary objective is to facilitate effective communication of student concerns, fostering a collaborative environment within GSS to develop practical strategies that support graduate students. I aim to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere that not only nurtures but also enhances the research capabilities and overall productivity of our graduate student community.

Mohammedsakib Patiwala

Civil & Environmental Engineering

My name is Mohammedsakib Patiwala. I am the Civil & Environmental Engineering departmental representative. I am currently pursuing a Master of Civil Engineering at the University of Windsor, building on a solid foundation from a bachelor's in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering in India. With professional experience in India and Dubai, UAE, Sakib gained invaluable insights into industry challenges from the grassroots level. I am motivated by a passion for student governance and advocacy. I joined the Graduate Student Society (GSS) to serve as a dedicated representative for the civil and environmental engineering community. As a student mentor at MEng and ISC, I actively engage with incoming students, leveraging this role to address and support their challenges throughout their academic journey. Beyond academic pursuits, I am deeply involved in the university's vibrant community. Actively volunteering for events like the GSS Annual BBQ Party, ISC Culture Fest, ISC Summer Fest, and various Campus Community Garden initiatives, I enjoy fostering a sense of community and belonging. An avid traveler and a former state-level skating champion, I also hold the distinction of being a national-level winner in bridge design competitions organized at IIT Kharagpur, India. I am commitment to student advocacy, community involvement, and diverse interests makes me passionate and dedicated representative for civil and environmental engineering students within the Graduate Student Society

Prabhat Kumar Singh

Electrical Engineering

My name is Prabhat Kumar Singh and I am the Electrical Engineering departmental representative. I am driven by a profound passion for academic excellence and a firm commitment to championing student rights, my role as the Elected Department Representative for the Graduate Student Society is dedicated to enhancing communication and nurturing collaborative efforts among peers. Drawing from my experience in a leadership position in software development, I am fueled by the determination to make a dynamic contribution to the Graduate Student Society.

Raagishwar Singh Lakhanpal

International Student Liaison

My name is Raagishwar Singh Lakhanpal, and I am the International Student Liaison. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Ludhiana, India, with a passion for automobiles. I joined the GSS because I wanted to contribute to a community that supports and advocates for the needs of international students. I was drawn to the opportunity to make a positive impact by ensuring that fellow international students feel welcomed, understood, and supported during their academic journey.

Shahzada Muhammad Hamza Khan

Applied Computing (MAC)

My name is Shahzada Muhammad Hamza Khan and I am the Applied Computing (MAC) representative. As a dedicated graduate student, I recognize the need for a GSS representative in our department, where I felt student voices were not adequately represented. Witnessing deficiencies within the building and a lack of platforms for student input, I joined the GSS with a commitment to addressing these issues. My goal is to be the advocate that our community needs, ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of graduate students are heard and acted upon. I am driven by a vision of creating a more supportive and inclusive environment within the department, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the academic community

Tahmid Ahmed Sohel

Master of Management

My name is Tahmid Ahmed Sohel, and I am the Master of Management representative. I was driven to join the GSS by a deep commitment to fostering a sense of community and empowerment among graduate students. Recognizing the importance of a supportive environment in academic pursuits, I am eager to contribute to initiatives that enhance the overall well-being of our diverse student body. Through active participation as a council/board member, I aspire to advocate for resources, opportunities, and policies that address the unique challenges faced by graduate students. I believe in the transformative power of collective action, and joining GSS allows me to be part of a dynamic team working towards creating a more inclusive and enriching experience for graduate students at our university.

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