Constituting Statutes

The Graduate Student Society is a registered not-for-profit, incorporated provincially pursuant to The Corporations Act of the Province of Ontario, including the Regulations made pursuant to the Act, and any statute or regulations that may be substituted, as amended from time to time by the Government of Ontario.

The Corporation was incorporated October 24, 1980 with Letters Patent under the name The Graduate Student Society of the University of Windsor with the Ontario Corporation Number 436045. Further to this, on April 6, 1993, the legal name of the Corporation was amended to Graduate Student Society.

Effective 2010, the constituting statue governing the incorporation and registration in the Province of Ontario was replaced by the new law, the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. Further to this, in 2011 the Legislative Assembly of Ontario adopted Bill 184, College and University Associations Act, 2011, which explicitly dictates industry-specific rules for student associations and their actions and relationships with their members.

Charitable Status

The Graduate Student Society is not a registered charity, as not-for-profit corporations are not granted charitable status by default in Canada, as prescribed in the Income Tax Act.

Rather, charitable status is a special status granted upon selective application, an application that the Corporation has elected not to make. Therefore, personal donations to the Corporation cannot be accepted.


The Graduate Student Society does not reclaim sales tax paid on expenditures by virtue of financial policy. The Corporation cannot by statute, and does not by practice, generate profit or unreasonable surplus from its activities. All revenues generated categorically satisfy tax-exemption or zero-tax criteria because of the type of revenue collected (membership fees; or corporate sponsorship in exchange for marketing services – promotional representation) and further supported by the academic and community nature of the business.


The Corporation is governed by a battery of documents, interdependent in a hierarchy of authority and prevalence. The aggregate of these by-laws, resolutions, policies, procedures, corporate directives and other relevant documents serve as the framework by which the various managers, employees and agents are guided and held accountable in the execution of their mandates, both managers and operations.

Furthermore, the documents are designed to promote, support and encourage the manner in which we conduct business; make effective use of resources; and identify certain activities that need to be carefully managed and controlled. They define our operating culture, ensure that we comply with relevant laws and current regulations, and ensure that our corporate objectives are properly defined and effectively achieved.

Governing LegislationCorporations Act, Ontario, 2010, S.O. 2010, c. 15
Corporation Number436045
Business Number88829-6753
Trade Names"Graduate Student Society"
"Graduate Student Society of the University of Windsor"
"Windsor Graduate Student Society"

Delegation of Authority and Document Categories

All documents classified by each specific hierarchical level is the under the jurisdiction of a specific governing body for regular review, modification and approval.

GSS desires to remain a leader in corporate governance and ethical business conduct by maintaining best practices, transparency and accountability to our stakeholders. This includes a commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance as CABS’ Board and management believe that good corporate governance practices tend to contribute to the creation and maintenance of shareholder value.

On an ongoing basis, the Board reviews its structure, practices and composition and initiates changes to improve its effectiveness.

Major Category Titles

CategoryOrder of Precedence

Governance Sub-Categories

CategoryJurisdictionOrder of Precedence
PolicyBoard of Directors4

Document Security Classificaton

All official documents are assigned a document category for organization and a security restriction classification, which effectively limits the authorized readers or audience. Documents of the “Governance” category are also assigned a “type”.

ClassificationOrder of Secrecy

Official Documents Archive



Structure Explained

Members of the Graduate Student Society become members by default for the duration of each semester, as registered full-time or part-time students with the University of Windsor.

In the Fall semester, members participate in general election of the Board of Directors, more commonly referred to as "Council". Council has ex-officio members, but the majority of its voting members are representatives for each Graduate Studies faculty at the University. In some instances, multiple faculties are represented by a single combined representative.

Council either uses a hiring process or a democratic election process to appoint Council members to Board committees. One such committee, otherwise known as an "Office", is the Executive Office.

This office is special because it comprises of the executive management team, headed by the President. The President usually sits equally as the Chief Executive Office, who sits on the Board of Directors or Council. The President then presides over a team and manages the hired staff in the execution of day-to-day operations.

Note that, while the Board retains the right to appoint members to the Executive Office, it often defers this hiring process to the members through another democratic campaign-and-election process.

GSS Membership

Subject to the provisions of Bill 184, College and University Student Associations Act, 2011, and as aligned with common practice in post-secondary student associations across Ontario and Canada, the Graduate Student Society of the University of Windsor has a dynamic membership base, which changes each semester.

At the end of each semester, all members that are not expected to meet the criteria for membership in the subsequent semester then cease to be members of the GSS.

At the beginning of each new semester, membership of each registrant is automatically assessed by the University, based on program enrollment, and those meeting the criteria will be then automatically granted membership and the University will collect membership fees on behalf of the GSS.

There criteria include but are not limited to:

  • individuals registered in a full-time or part-time graduate program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Windsor for the specific semester in question;
  • individuals who have paid membership fees to the GSS through the University tuition collections process for the specific semester in question; and
  • individuals that have been expelled or whose membership has been revoked, by the GSS Board of Directors adopting a special resolution to that effect in a general meeting.

Please refer to the GSS Constitution within the Official Documents tab for complete details.

Brands and Trademarks

The Graduate Student Society needs to manage how its brand is represented across all visual media in various different situations.

Our branding policy designates a corporate identity system of rules and elements, which explain how to correctly depict and embody our brand ethos consistently across different applications and in various markets to maintain the integrity of GSS.

The elements of the GSS brand may only be used as permitted by the branding guidelines and where authorized by the Corporation.

Main Signature Logo

A brand’s logo is the most distinctive element of its identity. It is also the symbol that’s most frequently used on all communication materials, including all templates, publications, internal and external memos and stationery.

Graduate student society blue logo

Secondary Logo

Please use this logo when it is more necessary for a better result.

Appropriate Usage

  • The logo should appear on the front of all printed and digital documents.
  • The logo can be used in black when it is used in monochrome and duotone projects where the use of the standard logo in colour is not possible. Whenever possible, the the standard logo in colour version is preferred.
  • The black version must be used to create files for cliches and stencils.
  • When the logo is to be printed on a background of either the primary colour, a black, or a dark photographic backgrounds, the solid white variation of the logo should be used.
  • When placing the logo on an image, colour or pattern, it is essential that there is enough contrast between the logo and the background. The logo must not be placed on backgrounds that distract from or compete with the logo.

The logo is the official identifying mark for the company and as such, will serve as the foundational element of all marketing and communication materials. Its correct and consistent use will ensure a strong logo identification and increased brand awareness.

In order to maintain the integrity of the brandmark, please use the approved colour variations in which the brandmark can be used with.

Primary Colour Palette

Our Corporate colours are a distinct and crucial part of our identity as they make our brand instantly recognizable. When applied consistently, our Corporate colours also provide a strong visual link across various materials and communications and set our company apart from the competitors. No colours other than the ones specified below may be used.

The Primary Color Palette, which consists of the exact colours used in your logo, including colour names and codes for different uses (CMYK for print, HEX and RGB codes for digital).

The Primary colours palette should be preferable for using.

Yellow Colour
0 / 9 / 97 / 0
RGB: 255 / 222 / 23
HEX: #ffde17

Blue Colour
100 / 84 / 35 / 25
RGB: 0 / 54 / 99
HEX: #003663

Standard Logo in black, white and grey colours

The logo in black, white and grey colours (50% and 75% of black) should be used when the standard logo in colour can not be used in some design concepts, or in some files which creates for specific kind of print and digital materials.

Website Legal and User Privacy Compliance

The Graduate Student Society presents the following legal notices under this special page as these documents are applicable to the usage of the website and online services managed, offered and/or coordinated by GSS. All users of the aforementioned web services, including you, are subject to and bound by the conditions of these documents.

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