Members and defacto members of the WGSS are entitled to apply for the following opportunity statuses. Each semester, students are required to submit an election with their tuition payment. This election is made through the portal of the Cashier’s Office of the University of Windsor.

Each graduate student must decide whether to either opt in or opt out of each of the following opportunities. If a student elects to opt in, the respective fee will be applied to their amount owing to the cashiers office for the semester.

These opportunities are important to the vitality and sustainability of our student-oriented objectives on campus. In the spirit of transparency, accountability and community, this page describes each of the opportunity fees in detail and denotes the fee per-semester.

Questions about Opportunity Fees should be directed to:


GSS Opportunity Fee

Optional Fee

Per semester amount: $17.71

The purpose of this fee is to provide direct operational and service support to all graduate students.

From events, conference travel grants, sponsorship, club supported events and all general operations, this fee has always been the cornerstone of the GSS funding model. By providing students with additional opportunities to enhance their student experience on campus, this fee goes directly back to the student.

The fee of $17.71 is one that supports all Graduate Students from the time they arrive on campus until they complete their program.

The Office of the Student Advocate was established to provide academic support to all graduate students that is not provided or offered by the University. Assisting in writing academic appeals, representing and advocating for students in academic need and providing mediation services.

The Social Events and Clubs Coordinator role was created to support students who wish to create a club or group on campus. By providing operational support, planning and  direction for forming a club and running events this position is also supported by the GSS Opportunity Fee.

Students who opt out of the GSS Opportunity Fee will not be able to run in GSS elections. They also will not be allowed to be members of any GSS approved club or society due to the insurance requirements by our insurance provider.

Students who wish to opt back in can do so by coming to the GSS office and requesting to opt back into this fee.

GSS Grad House Operations

Optional Fee

Per semester amount: $3.01

The GSS Grad House is located in the Neal Education building. The Mare Nostrum restaurant currently occupies part of our Grad House. The GSS offices are located behind the restaurant which supports and assists all Graduate Students five days a week.

The fee will be used to support the physical operations of the house like the purchasing of technology, the lease for our printers, mail distribution, cleaning, office supplies, office equipment and other expenses incurred in the operation of the physical Grad House.

A fee of $3.01 per student per semester will be assessed. This fee is divided between into both mandatory and optional fees due to Provincial Government regulations.