Position:Vice President Academic Affairs
Program: Master of Management (MoM)
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  1. Outline your relevant experience for this position
    I have over 7 years of academic experience in teaching and learning where I got to work with young minds to develop their curricular and extra-curricular knowledge from a broad spectrum. Besides, I worked as a teaching assistant in my undergraduate years in Business and English departments where I dealt with various academic issues of the students by taking them up to the university authority. Last but not the least, I have conducted numerous training sessions on core skills and leadership for academic professionals.

  2. What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?
    I intend to create a more participative culture in the graduate level studies where the students would have more involvement and meaningful impact in the academic planning and structuring process. I also plan on creating more opportunities for students to be able to combine practical aspects of learning with theoretical ones, especially in the school of business, so that they can better prepare themselves for the challenges of the corporate sector. Every student will have the opportunity to speak up regarding any sort of academic issues they might be facing, and these would be treated with high priority and conveyed to the higher authorities.

  3. How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the GSS Board, members at large and UWindsor administration?
    Besides my academic work experience, I have over three years of corporate work experience where I have dealt with a multitude of stakeholders including internal and external ones. Building and creating relationships with new and existing clients was a part of my job description. I even had to deal with trade unions and external pressure groups during my tenure in the corporate world. I am a people person and can walk in other people’s shoes easily. I have good communication skills and I am approachable by anyone, at any time. Thus, I believe, I would be able to facilitate positive work relationships within the GSS board based on my corporate and academic knowledge and expertise.

  4. Describe the importance of the GSS in your own words
    I believe bodies like GSS are important platforms where students can connect to the university authority in meaningful ways and discuss their feedbacks, suggestions and complaints with quick results or outcomes. It is also an excellent opportunity for graduate students to meet their fellow peers not only from their own departments but also on a cross-departmental basis which helps in networking and relationship building. Unfortunately, many graduate students are not aware of this body and thus cannot get the most out of this platform. As a VP University affair, I will make the GSS more known to the students in large so that they can reap all the benefits from this wonderful association.