Position: Vice President Academic Affairs

Program: MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Links to Social Media: LinkedIn

Know the Candidate

1. Please outline your relevant experience for this position:

Contributed as an “Academic Co-ordinator” for more than two years while pursuing my under-graduation coursework. I had the opportunity to communicate with the entire class of my department students and organised additional seminar sessions to help them with the academic subjects that were difficult to follow. We conducted multiple open sessions to identify where students felt anxious about their career. Also, started a monthly digital newsletter with the latest technology articles related to our department.

2. What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?

Organize regular sessions with notable UWindsor Alumni or other guest speakers to improve networking.

Conduct open sessions to all graduate students, a platform to know their interests and provide information on what UWindsor can offer.

Start a new initiative to release a bi-weekly digital newsletter on latest technology in all fields of Engineering where students will be the authors. Develop connections with non-profit organizations and intimate students when volunteers are required.

Update GSS website and automatic mail updates to students on any programs or events conducted at the university. Launch a discord service where students can chat about their interests and connect.

Initiate project discussion hours to support students on their self-projects.

3. How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the GSS board and membership?

I strongly believe that considering ideas from everyone and implement the most effective method will be an advantage to all.

Regular meetings should be scheduled, and appropriate communication with the members would be a key factor to maintain a healthy relationship. Receive feedback from members and students to comprehend the progress.

Meet the expectations of the role and deliver the duties with integrity.

4.What lessons/skills have you acquired from overcoming an obstacle in your educational career and how can you apply those learnings to this position

GSS has been the lighthouse that guides most of the international students to feel home in Windsor. Providing several services, starting from orientation, writing support, GSS club programs and supplemental benefit plans. Personally, GSS has supported me to feel comfortable in a new country. International Student Centre (ISC) helps students in every step of their graduate study to fulfill their dreams. Organizing social and networking events have helped to know students with similar interests and the Instagram profile adds a feather to the cap. It briefs about every action taken by GSS immediately. So, GSS outstands for every graduate student of UWindsor.