Service Overview

GSS offers members the service of 'Student Advocacy', which means providing direct and meaningful assistance to students for academic and non-academic University-related problems.

Generally, this service is for those students asking themselves questions like follows:

  • I feel like I am being treated unfairly!
  • I feel like no one is listening to me!
  • I’d like to talk about my problem with someone before I do anything else.
  • I don’t know which way to turn!
  • All I get is the run around!
  • How will I ever get this mess sorted out?
  • I just don’t know where to start!

Advocacy Scope

The dedicated GSS student advocate is responsible for:

  • maintaining a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of University processes and policies;
  • maintaining contacts within various departments; and
  • knowing where to find an how to leverage resources and tools to ensure students obtain appropriate guidance and fair due process for issues.

Book Appointment

Schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. The following booking form is connected to the calendar of the Student Advocate, and will reserve a slot for you. Once you book, the advocate will send you a confirmation email notifying you that this is accepted.


Email Your Advocate

Contacting GSS council, executive and staff members is completely confidential and secure, because we runs website and email servers independent of the University.

The below form allows you to confidentially and securely send an email directly from our website to the GSS Student Advocate, ensuring absolute privacy.

General Help

Navigating this content can be complicated. If you have questions not covered by this page, contact us.

Contact the GSS Student Advocate with your specific questions.

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