Position: Vice President University Affairs
Program: Masters of Political Science
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Know the Candidate

  1. Please outline your relevant experience for this position:
    I have worked in a variety of departments at the University of Windsor. It has broadened my  professional network and knowledge of many of the critical facets of working for the University.  Previously, I was a GSS elected representative for the political science department. Currently, I  am the VP of University Affairs with GSS. This position has allowed me to gain the opportunity  to participate in the democratic process of representing all graduate students at the University. I  have had the privilege to represent and advocate for graduate students’ interests at different levels  of the University Institution and on committees. I want to continue in an impactful and meaningful  way.
  2. What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?
    Student Engagement: As a VP of University Affairs, I would like to keep students engaged  with GSS and the various projects we are working on. I believe that Informed students will be  beneficial for society as they will be able to voice their opinion and engage in the positive  change being made. Advocacy and collaboration: This brings me to my next point, advocacy and collaboration. As  a VP of University Affairs, I would like to build relationships with various university bodies for  students to get a seat at the table for decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t be a part of. I will  ensure that students are involved with several decisions that impact them. 

    Mental Wellness: Since I became a mySSP ambassador, I have become very passionate about  mental wellness and educating students about the topic. As a VP of University Affairs, I plan to  advocate for additional resources and funds for mental health and mental wellness support  services. 

  3. How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the GSS board and membership?
    As the VP of University Affairs, I will be committed to actively representing and advocating for  graduate students’ interests at different levels of the University institution and committees. I will  ensure that an efficient, yet cordial collaborative effort is achieved between supporting  stakeholders and various committees. Students will be informed and involved in the decision making process. I will ensure that students are confident that their elected representatives provide  the necessary resources to enhance the student experience and get the job done. I think it’s time  for a change. The University of Windsor needs a VP of University of Affairs who cares and  advocates for students’ priorities and focuses on involving students. If that’s what you want, vote  for Youstina Asaad for VP of University Affairs.  
  4. What lessons/skills have you acquired from overcoming an obstacle in your educational career and how can you apply those learnings to this position
    GSS is the official representative organization for graduate students at the University of Windsor.  It offers student advocacy services that are academic and non-academic in nature. Most  importantly, to effectively advocate for graduate students’ best interests, the GSS maintains comprehensive knowledge of University policies and procedures, collaborates with various key  stakeholders, and ensures that students receive the appropriate support and guidance. GSS is your  one-stop-shop for student benefits, finding graduate student clubs, student advocacy, student  financial aid programs, social events, and professional development programs. GSS is key to  making positive change for graduate students, advocating for graduate students and ensuring they  are not left behind.