U-Pass Overview

GSS U-Pass is a service that allows student members to have unlimited rides on the regular Transit Windsor city service during the school year.

U-Pass is a service offered by all three student unions on campus: GSS, OPUS and UWSA. 

The UWSA, OPUS and GSS regularly negotiate this universal student bus pass (U-Pass) with Transit Windsor for UWSA, OPUS and GSS students.

How does it work?

All students are automatically enrolled for the Fall and Winter semesters unless they opt-out (subject to opt-out conditions).

Students who have not opted out must pick up their U-Pass card at the GSS Office before they can benefit from the U-Pass.

Using the card is simple: students will need to tap their U-Pass cards on the readers upon boarding the buses.

Students are required to have their student ID on them when using the bus pass, and must present it to Transit Windsor authorities upon request.

Mandatory Fall Semester

  • 2023 Opt-Out Period: September 1 st – September 30 th
  • Card Valid: September – April
  • Semester Cost: $159.82

Mandatory Winter Semester

  • 2024 Opt-Out Deadline: TBA
  • Card Valid: January - April
  • Semester Cost: $79.91

Fall / Winter Semester Opt-Out

  • All students, full-time or part-time, are automatically opted-in and assessed the full U-Pass fee each Fall and Winter semester.
  • Fees are automatically assessed and captured by the Cashiers office at the University of Windsor. Students should refer to their statement of account for tuition, fees and amounts owing to the University; assessed U-Pass fees are shown in detail.
  • Students eligible to opt out, may only do so prior to the opt-out deadline in the Fall. This deadline is published for the nearest semester, prior to or early said semester.
  • Opt-outs will take place via the online UPass Opt-Out Form.
  • “Commuter” students who do not live at addresses within Windsor, even in the near surrounding areas, are not eligible to opt-out.
  • Opting-out is only allowed for students according to the possible circumstances:
    Option 1: The student lives outside the Windsor Public Transit Zone, which is exclusively
    prescribed by Transit Windsor as residential addresses of postal codes starting with: NOP, N7L,
    N7M, N0L, N9V, N8H, N8N, N9K, N9Y, N9H or N9JOption 2: Students who are on a Co-op, internship or work placement during that semester
    Option 3: I am participating in a student exchange program outside of Windsor Transit area for 8 months or more during the fall and winter semesters
    Option 4: I am graduate student conducting/completing my thesis outside of the Windsor Transit service area
    Option 5: I am a graduate student that has completed their degree in the Fall 2023 semester (only applicable for Winter opt-out)
    Option 6: I already hold a valid University of Windsor parking pass AND/OR carpool with someone in my household who has a valid University of Windsor parking pass (Must have the same address of the pass holder)
    Option 7: I already have a valid Windsor Transit pass from a government sponsored program

Opt-Out Application Form

Summer Semester Opt-In

  • No students, full-time or part-time, are automatically opted in or assessed the U-Pass fee for the Summer semester
  • This is an optional opt-in program that all graduate students who are registered in the Summer semester or had a bus pass in Fall 2022 or Winter 2023 are eligible to opt-into 
  • The cost of the Summer opt-in is $80.39. This price includes the cost of the pass and admin fee.
  • Summer opt-in online will open on April 24th, 2023 at 8am
  • Locations and times for card pick-up:
    • May 8th:  5pm - 7:30pm in the CAW Student Centre Commons
      May 9th: 12pm - 4pm in the the CAW Student Centre Commons
      May 10th:  5pm - 7:30pm in the CAW Student Centre Commons
      May 11th:  5pm - 7:30pm in the CAW Student Centre Commons
      May 15th:  5pm - 7:30pm in the CAW Student Centre Commons
      May 17th: 5pm - 7:30pm in the CAW Student Centre Commons
      May 18th: 5pm - 7:30pm in the CAW Student Centre Commons
    • *Additonal dates will be posted for after May 18th at a later date. Please check back for updated dates.
  • When picking up students MUST bring:
    • Student Card 
    • Students who had no classes in the Fall or Winter must bring an proof of enrollment for Summer session.
    • *Please note that the card can not be picked up by anyone other than the student.
  • Information on how to apply for a student card or picking up a student card can be found online at UwinCard Office (uwindsor.ca)
  • Opting-in can only be done online

Opt-In Application Form

Permanent U-Pass Office

Weekdays Only

By Appointment Only

University of Windsor GSS
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, ON N9B 3P4

519-253-3000 Ext. 3876


Fall 2023 Pick-Up Locations and Times

  • Locations for card pick-up:
    September 7th – September 20th: 9am – 4pm
    Alumni Auditorium in the CAW Student Centre
    September 21st & 22nd: 9am – 4pm
    CAW Student Centre Commons
    o September 25th – September 29th : 10am – 2pm
    CAW Student Centre 2nd Floor (In front of room 209)
  • There is NO pick-up on Saturday’s and Sunday’s
  • Additional dates will be posted for after October 2nd at a later date. Please check back for
    updated dates.

Required Documents

Students seeking to pick up their U-Pass card or to opt-out must bring the documents to the location.

The documents provided must follow one of two options; either:

  • 1-AND-1
    • One (1) government-issued piece of identification; and
    • One (1) additional proof of current residence;
  • 0-AND-2
    • Zero (0) government-issued piece of identification; and
    • Two (2) additional proof of current residence.

Acceptable Document Examples

  • Examples of Government-Issued Photo ID:
    • Driver’s Licence
    • Passport
  • Examples of Proof of Residence:
    • Bill or statement in your name (bank or credit card statement)
    • Pay stub
    • Signed lease
    • Tax return or assessment

Lost and Broken Cards

Lost cards can be replaced at the cost of $10 at the GSS office. Please note that it may take a couple of days for lost cards to be processed and replaced.

What to bring:

  • Student ID, or
  • Government-issued photo ID.

This is by appointment only so please email: 


Deactivated Cards

U-Pass cards that have been stolen or lost will be deactivated. Once the card has been deactivated, it is no longer active and will, therefore, prevent any other individual from using the card. Any U-Pass replacements that are made automatically deactivates the previous card, consequently, the only U-Pass card that is active is the most recent U-Pass that was acquired by the student.

Once you have picked up your U-Pass the card is yours to use as long as you remain an eligible full-time graduate student. No refunds will be processed for issued cards.

If the student is eligible to have a replacement card issued, activated, and remitted to them, this replacement may incur a cost of $10 at the GSS office. Please note that it may take a couple of days for cards to be processed and replaced.

Replacement Card Form

Valid Card

A U-Pass card is valid for all regular bus routes during the:

  • mandatory Fall (September-December) semester of issue;
  • mandatory Winter (January-April) semester of issue;
  • optional Summer (May-August) semester, for students affirmatively opted-in.

Transit Windsor Product Conditions

  • All fare media products are non-transferable and non-refundable even if lost or stolen.
  • Fare media products may not be redeemed or refunded for cash, or exchanged for another product of the same or different value.
  • Fare media products may only be purchased from an authorized sales agent, and may not be resold.
  • Failure to use the correct fare media category will result in the confiscation of the product.
  • Persons altering Transit Windsor products will be prosecuted.
  • Fare media products, including Transit Windsor photo ID, will be confiscated if defaced or altered.
  • Transit Windsor is not liable for any loss to the holder from service interruption or any other cause.

Confiscation of Bus Passes

TW bus drivers shall be permitted to confiscate a U-Pass if the holder of a U-Pass does any of the following:

  • Lends his or her U-Pass to another person;
  • Hands his or her U-Pass out the window of the bus to another person;
  • Uses his or her U-Pass without a current Student Card;
  • Defaces or alters the appearance of the U-Pass or Student Card.

Other Terms of Use

Your bus pass is regulated by a general terms and services which can be found on the Transit Windsor website (www.bit.ly/2bw2xwG).

The use of the U-Pass is subject to the following conditions:

  • the holder of a U-Pass is entitled to use all City Service;
  • a U-Pass is non-transferable and may not be used by any person except the person to whom it is issued;
  • the Participant must present a Student Card bearing the same student number as the U-Pass at the time he or she uses the U-Pass;
  • the Fees paid for the U-Pass are non-refundable even in the event that the UPass is permanently confiscated by TW in accordance with this Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes co-op students are a part of the UWSA & GSS membership and are eligible to opt-in for the U-Pass.

With the University of Windsor U-Pass program, unfortunately all students that qualify for the U-Pass and do not fit any of the exemption criteria are still charged for the U-Pass. We cannot exempt you from the U-Pass program because you walk, cycle or drive to school as it is not part of the exemption options. Hopefully you can find a way to utilize this service!

If you happen to register late for your classes, your account will still be charged the full cost of the U- Pass and you will still pick up your U-Pass as long as you are a full time student. However, we highly encourage students to register early in order to benefit fully from the U-Pass.


Contact the GSS office for all questions or issues with UPASS, as the service is administered by the GSS.

University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave
Windsor, ON N9B 3P4

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